Persian Cat

A long-haired cat breed with a round face and small muzzle is the Persian cat, also referred to as the Persian longhair. The Persian cat is a very beautiful breed, with snub noses, round cheekbones, and long hair. They are normally calm, loving cats who enjoy being held, but they are also willing to quietly lounge around. Perfect lap warmers, they make purring noises!


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Around 1620, Persian cats were brought from Persia to Italy for the first time. Persian cats, which have been well-known to cat enthusiasts since the late 19th century, were initially adopted by the British and then, after World War II, by American breeders. The Himalayan and Exotic Shorthair are considered variations of this breed by some cat fancier groups, although they are generally treated as independent breeds by other organisations.

At the first official cat show, which Harrison Weir hosted in 1871 at the Crystal Palace in London, England, the first Persian cat was displayed. There were attempts to distinguish it from the Angora when examples closer to the later known Persian conformation became the more popular types.

Persian Cat
Persian Cat
Modern Names

Traditional Persian and doll-face Persian are more modern names for the basic Persian cat breed, which has not evolved into an extreme form.

The flat-nosed "peke-face" or "ultra-type" was created over time as a result of two genetic mutations, without changing the name of the breed from "Persian," since many breeders in the United States, Germany, Italy, and other countries started to interpret the Persian standard differently. The peke-face type is regarded by certain groups, such the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), as the current benchmark for the Persian breed.


Persian, Chinchilla, Himalayan, and exotic cats have a median longevity of slightly over 12.5 years, however most cats live to be around 15 years old. In this group, 76% made it to age 10 or older, and 52% made it to age 12.5 or older. The average longevity in English veterinary clinics is 12–17 years, with a median age of 14.

Persian Cat
Persian Cat
Physical Appearance

Persian cats are medium-sized, averaging 7 to 12 pounds in weight and standing between 10 and 15 inches tall.